working from home can be nice but it's also much harder than working from an office especially in these days when there are so many distractions around you so this video I want to give you five tips that I am doing by myself in this holidays when everyone works from home to stay focused on the business and make my work on the best way hello everybody so let's talk about the five things that I'm doing foil for myself to stay focused on the business and make it on the best way so the first one and the very basic one is work so make sure that you have a desk dedicated for your work a scream and all of the workspace that you need it can be a notebook it can be a pencil or a pen everything that you need for your job should be on the same place it should be a very clean place which focused only on work you are not doing there anything else and it should be outside of the place where you sleep it's very important that it will not be on your in your bedroom while also sleeping if you don't have this option so just try to put a desk somewhere where it can be really focused another thing here is and it's very important is that most of you I guess have kids I don't have but many of our viewers have so I saw how hard it's to work when there are kids at your home and you should make this dipinto you should add put a door that you know that that the kids know that when the door is closed you are working and they should not disturb disturb you nice table you the second thing is that wake up always at the same time wake up every day at the same hour at the same time you should blow put an alarm every day because if you don't do that you're will not start your day and the right discipline with the right mindset and that you should go sleep everyday at the same time and wake up at the same time this this way you will have actually a routine for your life which you know when you walk and when you are not working you cannot work always and you cannot work whenever you want you should set up a specific time so you will be concentrating in this time and you will not know that on this time at this time you are actually focusing on your own work the third thing that I'm doing every day is that I'm taking a paper and I'm writing down all of my tasks for the specific day do that every day and make sure that when you are finishing your work you just finished all of the tasks it should be just line pair of tasks that you are just writing with the pen that you done that the next thing and that's one is a bit different one is dress it's very important to put on yourself clothing that you're wearing when you go to your job do your daily job or to your office or whatever you you all do I put every day even that I'm walking now from home I put every day jeans and t-shirt that I go with help with it for to my work for show not delta t st show but you know the tissue that I'm usually wearing because it makes you feeling that you are actually going to work you're not sitting without you know with home clothings when you are working you should understand it you're coming to work and to put yourself in the right mindset tip number five and that's actually I am doing also on the job but when you work from home to concentrate it's very important so I put some playlists with relaxing music so I can really focus only on work and not be disturbed by anything else that going on on my home from other people or anything else make sure that you are not jumping between tasks like things that you need to do at your home during the work time because your work time is just to promote your business take it forward and improve it I hope that these tips helped you seen in the next videos don't forget to subscribe our YouTube channel like this video and share it with everyone who is working now from home so we can really help them see in the next videos bye

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