When watching the Facebook fan page I just wanted a quick video to show you how we turn a rectangular video into a square video by topping and tailing it making it square so that it sits beautifully on mobile devices, particularly for Facebook and Instagram. So stay tuned is coming right up here we are in Premiere Pro, and the first thing we need to do is select a clip, so I shall select a little clip of my good friends Helena and Liz and, as you can see they are in, he was going On a green screen – and it put that we’ve put the background in, they are in a rectangular video and we’re going to make them a square. So we need to go up to sequence and sequence settings.

Then watching the Facebook fan page, the video frame size is set to 1920 by 1080, which is a 16 9, and we want that to be a 1 by 1. So we just changed the horizontal to 1920, and now we got a 1:1 that’s a square.

The watching the Facebook fan page preview is showing 1080 by 1080, a square, all good, ok, press, ok, and then press. Ok again, that’s a preview. Don’T need that and now, as you can see, we now have the preview as a square. So we got the rectangular video in a square. So we need some: some we’ve got these black bars, so we need something to top and tail those and I’ve got a pre-made matte color matte. If you want to make a color matte just down the bottom here new item – color matte 1920 by 1920. So that’s the size of our video pick a color and press. Ok, I made one earlier so I’ll.

Just cancel that he’s my white color matte and I want to put that behind Helena and Liz. So I need to pop that video up into the second video two-track and then I’m going to crop the white color matte. Just behind it. There you go, and now it’s all white, which is perfect because we want to put some graphics and some writing on there. I’ve got to I prepared earlier. We could just do this in captions, but I prepared a couple earlier on. So I’m just going to drop that in there it’s in the middle, so I need to change.

I need to change that to put it up towards the top, so there you go make that 200, and in the bottom one selects it. I know that is 1700. Perfect there you go so now have a lovely little video in a square and a happy little Helena and Liz. Actually, I’ve got some edging to pop around there as well.

We like a little bit of edging so we’ve just edged in the same colors, so just makes the video stand out a little bit more and that is it there. We have us what was horizontal or rectangular. Video is now a happy little square. Video perfect for watching the Facebook fan page ads, and Instagram and to download it control-m there we have it thought reversal video. So then we just queue it or export it, and that is how we make a rectangular video square to make it perfect for Facebook and for Instagram hope you like this. If you did like it, if you’re watching on Facebook, like the Facebook page and then you’ll be kept up to date with all the other little tips and tricks that are coming your way, you don’t want to miss them.

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