I think a lot of people don't get a
real-estate mentor because frankly, we're afraid to invest in them or frankly,
ourself. And at the end of the day, we need a mentor and when we don't have one,
we make mistakes or worse, we don't even try. We don't even get started. My name is
Kris Krohn. I've been a mentor to people all over the world helping them
successfully invest in the game real estate. And today, I'm going to break down
how you find a good mentor and how you know if they're the right mentor for you. So because I'm asked on such a frequent
basis. How do you get a real estate mentor? I want to share with you two
things today that I think are most important for you to know and understand
about mentoring period. Number 1, before I share them with you, I want to just be

What is a mentor? A mentor is someone who has done 10 times what you
hope to succeed at. If you say I want to retire and real estate then fund and
mentor that's done that 10 times over. If you use that it's just like a rule,
you're going to tap in the most powerful education on the planet. The most
powerful education is not in a university and it's not always parents
and it's certainly not friends. The most powerful education to produce a result
you haven't yet is to find someone that has done it over and over and over again.
And even as the ability to articulate precisely how and why. Now, that might be
why you are a subscriber to this channel is because on a daily basis, I drop a
video on you and I say, "Hey, let me talk to you today about making money in real
estate and how to do it and the mindset of it.

And sometimes I talk about
productivity and and a couple of the things that I think are tied ultimately
correlating to you being able to have wealth and real estate. So if you're
saying well Kris, how do I get a mentor? A mentor someone who has what you want.
If that is me, I'm going to share with you 2 things you can do and if it's
not me, I'm going to share 2 things that you can do. So the first one is you
want to find someone that actually has 10 times the result you hope to produce.
And if you have that person then what you need to do is learn from them.
Sometimes they're going charge you money. But like for YouTube video here, guess
what? Every day I come out this video. I'm not charging you for it. So I can be your
mentor and I can give you this training.

For the part 1 a part 2, this all makes
sense. It's like, "Great! Kris, you're my mentor. I subscribe to YouTube, I watch.
But you know what, I feel weird because you're free and I'm not paying anything.
So am I really getting everything out of it that I can. I want you understand
that there's nothing wrong with free knowledge. As long as you're acting on it.
Which brings me to item number 2. You have to have a way of getting proximity
to your mentor so you're not just reading their books or even listening
from stage at their events.

You actually have to have the ability to interact
with them and connect with them and communicate with them. Have a phone call
conversation like dial them up and talk. If you can't do that then your mentor
to distance to actually be able to help you. Some of you are like, "Kris, does that
mean that you're going to actually be like dropping your phone number? No, dude . My
phone would freaking blow up if I did that. I figured out a way to scale the
very next best thing. You guys know that I am powered by a team of 200 experts I
assembled that helped me do all of my real estate investing, right? I have that
team that basically take shifts in my office and man, a real estate coaching

What that means is that you can be here and get all the training from.
You can look at my videos on lease options or seller financing deals or
flipping deals or everything that you're learning about. But then you actually
have a hotline that you can go and connect with and actually talk to my
team and say, "Hey Kris, was talking about this today. What do they mean? How would I
do that or what are the steps or where do I get the paperwork or what do I do?
Or I want this and I don't even know where to start. That's what you really
need a mentorship. I might be that mentor but if I'm not, but whatever you want to
excel in, whatever you want to succeed at.

Whether its wealth and finance and money
or whether it's health and nutrition. Whatever area, relationship coach. You
need to find someone that has 10 times the result that you want and then you
need to make sure you can get proximity to connecting with them, talking with
them, communicating with them. If you have that, that's where you really have a shot
of crushing it and allowing that mentorship to do something for you. If
your mentor is a good mentor, a year from now your life should be many times
further along than where it's at today. So if you've never had a mentor before,
get a mentor. How you know that you have a mentor is that 1, they have 10 times
your results. You can learn from them and number 3 you've got a way to connect
with them. Now in the link below, you're going to learn about my coaching hotline
which trust me friend, it's as good as speaking directly with me because this
is my team that executes on everything that I'm teaching you right now.

So these
are the people in the trenches that are in the weeds, that are doing the deals,
that are put into contracts together, that are buying the homes, that are
witnessing seeing and observing the entire process. And that's the best that
I can do here and the good news is that if you actually click the link and
find out what it costs, I promise you you're going to say, "No, freaking way!" There's
no way he made unlimited help available during their daytime business hours. We
can call and talk. There's no way all that coaching is available for that
price and I've done that in service of you because I want to see go out there
and crush it. Thank you for being a subscriber. I think this might be the
moment where it's time to level up a relationship where I want you to keep
watch the videos but YouTube has to talk back
to you and with my team, it can do that through the coaching hotline.

So check it
out below. Thank you for watching today. It's time that you and I get this party
started. Let's do it..

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