Hey, Bonjour youtube! today, I am with David and we're going to talk about how to stay productive when working remote So if your remote employee in your job Then you definitely need to watch this video and hear what David has to say Once again, we are dbg live. So we're recording These videos in batch as you know It's always more productive. So business by design by just what more will be busy live event, and it's freaking awesome. It is awesome yeah, like a yeah, it's great as usual if you're interested in content on time management and Productivity if it's your first time here, you definitely need to subscribe to this channel for more content like this Hey boardroom, I'm Hugo and I have busy professionals be more productive and get back in control of their own time Hi, I'm David and I help individuals and businesses with natural and artificial language technology so today with David we going to talk about being a remote employee and difficulties that we mostly have and with the discussions that we had while at limited I Was about the lack of structure So when your remote employee you don't have a boss tapping on your shoulder that tells you you need to come here at aids And etc and just making sure that you work.

So the lack of structure can be a difficulty. I understand So when talking with David he came up with three types of boundaries That could help you structure your work when being a remote employee. I don't want to say too much I wanna I wanna have David talk about it. So what is the first type of boundary that's you came up with yeah, the first thing that that comes to mind is the physical boundary that you might need or Could have and really all these are suggestions there will work for me and it makes a difference there were challenges that that come up like we talked about when you're working remotely and the Boundary or physical boundary is really important to have creating a dedicated space whether it's in your home or like having a dedicated space to go to if you're going to a shared desk at a Collective workspace or if you're going somewhere else to not be in just sitting on your sofa right or sitting at your kitchen table So creating that physical separation.

It's really working. So when do I hope you like? Oh my face. Yeah, is it one one? Area yeah shared no. No, it's just you know, it's exactly so it's an apartment and it's really small But what I did was go to Ikea to get one of the screens that you can put up and That creates enough of a boundary and the only thing that I do back there is work So I have my computer that's on the standing desk and it's separated from the living room by this screen so I can like close the screen and It's done, right? So that is my space Behind the screen and I'll open it up and and then I can work.

Okay, so In your working and working space you don't do anything as that work and when you're in the living room There's other living spaces. You don't work, right? so that's physical boundary can really help you structure and make sure that you This stays in hermetic, right? So you don't want like to stop opening the door to us. Right, right so the second boundary is an emotional boundary and I think it sort of Dovetails from the physical boundary where if you're working from home, for example Which is where I happen to work most of the time it makes a big difference if you have separation emotionally from work and the people that may go have a date with you if your partner comes home and You're even in your space. Like there might be a greeting but that's it. Right like we don't interact If I'm working because it's like I'm in my office.

I I'm at work basically physically and if we start interacting or something or if you know, I'm frustrated with Whatever's going on That if there's something at work, that's like I'm dealing with and then I take that outside of my physical space and start interacting kids pets partners, you know, whoever That ends up getting kind of weird and that's interesting that you talked about that Emotional boundaries with a link with a physical boundary. Yep You say I don't want to take my emotions my working emotion outside of my space if I if I understand correctly So maybe having that physical? Boundary can help you with emotional pathway. That's how I see it, right? Yeah, okay Yeah, so I that's something that I've been struggling with To be very honest when I'm working on my passion project I apply it it's kind of hard to set this boundary and say okay I should stop thinking about work and don't talk too much about work with my partner Sherry has her own business my partner and I have my own business and we talk about the path work and I don't know how people that are working as couples can actually That takes work no matter what that takes work it's not something, you know having the screen is not going to Prevent you from doing that? I mean as it is people come home from the office and they carry a little baggage with them So that's that's something else that I can help people with but that's a totally different subject I think for work for home workers, especially it's having that boundary like you said It's a what I would refer to it as is a physical anchor so it's an anchor Where I can be in the state and the mindset of work when I'm over here and then I do the best that I can Obviously stuff carries over from one place to the next it's almost inevitable, but it's a reminder Whenever I come out from behind that screen that oh, yeah, I leave the Emails and everything else that I was dealing with it work behind that screen Yeah, so and that makes actually a good transition to the third boundary Yeah, so the third boundary is time having a temporal boundary is really important where this you know If we both are living at the same place and my partner gets home and I then I'd to the extent that it's possible try to limit my day to or have my day coincide with those things I happen to work with people in on Almost all continents except for a Nordica not yet and So it that's a challenge sometimes but to the extent that it's possible It's really important for me to say okay on my calendar.

This is what I'm working and to communicate that with my coworkers to Be sure that you know, they know when I'm going to be available or not available Also related to time I will say that one of the biggest things for being productive as a remote worker is to not get on email before Doing something that I actually need to get done because no matter what in part because I work with people in Australia in Europe and India and Various other places working from Seattle and working from Seattle. So it's a covering all the time zones There could be emails that come in overnight and even if you work with people that are in the same city there are emails that come in overnight and You don't need to see those as a distraction It's kind of like, you know looking at Facebook first thing in the morning or Instagram the first thing in the morning is not a really good way because you've been sucked into the flow of Facebook or Instagram or email from Whoever in your organization, and that's really important a mail management system You know, we're talking about how to manage your emails and you can refer to this video.

You don't need to Check your emails like all the time throughout the day, especially if you have to work with different people in different time zones check your emails twice, maybe three times but a Limited amount of times they need to make sure that you are using for the team that you like Yeah, and if I can Actually sort of flow from that one of the things I use outlook. But if you use Gmail and Google Calendar or whatever it is Obviously outlook has The inbox and there's also the calendar view so I'm always on the calendar because all that it matters really is Where's my day going now? So I'll Have blocks of time. That's the and I will physically block out time so that no one can schedule meetings with me Which is really important so that you know the first thing in the morning I'm not available for interaction with with coworkers because I want to get stuff done and Then I'll check email and then if there's anything that's urgent, which sometimes I say it's urgent because you know, it's not really urgent What people imagine it is? So those kinds of things I'll address then in the second block of the day and then there This is the way that my company works.

Our meetings tend to be in the afternoon Because a lot of my meetings from the west coast are with people in Australia So it's the beginning of their day or the next day that happens to work out but really just dedicating Blocks of time on your calendar for the types of work and one this year of creative work This morning. I was thinking about this. I got up at 5:30 and I went on a long run and and I was realizing how much my mind was getting great ideas and the types of things that I was thinking about were so much more rich or so much richer and I'd say fruitful at that time of day and So I wouldn't want to waste that on like back and forth or email.

It doesn't make sense to me. So Studies show that there are a lot of people are the most productive and most creative in the beginning of the day because that's where you have most of your energy and as you know energy is scarce and It's dropping throughout the day. So yes, if you know your pattern it doesn't have to be this way for you But if you know your pattern and you know, you're the most creative First thing in the morning don't waste it on Emails or on anything that is not related to what it is important to you. You talked about in urgent things Urgent versus important you cannot have this matrix urgently button and so that's very I think important to stay aligned to your goals and to know parents that tells – To actually be more predictive. Yeah, so now it's time for the That I did. Yeah, she speaks French. Oh What's that not supposed to be in French? Okay So that that you know what it is you know the rules you guys know is just it happens and I don't have to be late because we are DVD life and I Completely forgot about it.

So first question dogs or cat With a slight preference for dogs, okay, learn more money or more sleep right now mostly sweet or salty salty mornings or nights All my friends would say I'm a night owl Which is true, but I prefer to get things done in the morning. Yeah this morning it told me at 6:00 a.m I'm going for seven miles run. Yeah, you definitely a morning Favorite YouTube channel Bon Appetit, oh is that cooking Bon Appetit magazine their Test Kitchen has awesome videos Okay, definitely check that how many cups of coffee a day? Favorite cheese Aged Montego, okay, white wine or red wine Most famous most famous french person that comes to mind How many hours of sleep do you get each night Five and friends will know that I'm lying, but let's say five Five, how can you sustain a rhythm like that? Some days I'll do it.

But barely That's one that was gonna be is gonna be easy say something in French Sang-moon Albion's area me colleague. Miss Amy la famille is an hola Speaks French. Did you did you actually leave in France? Stereotype about the French people Haha, so, I love to say this. I hate it. I love it that French people think that they're better than everyone else. Yeah Especially in Paris, sorry for the duration people.

What's the book currently on your nightstand? Everything is figure out of all its marie. Forleo's new beau. Oh, yeah, I heard about it. Yeah. Definitely. Yeah, Marie folio is Yeah, what's your mantra or phrase you live by I would have to say eat drink and be merry ah That's a good one. What's your kryptonite? This is gonna sound terrible, but it may be Saying too much after I've been drinking Yes, it was just suggesting that we have a drink after yeah, we I want to see that What's your biggest pet peeve? Using apostrophes as accent marks in English tries to be crazy and when a Cafe or something has the wrong accent mark on an e drives me nuts Yeah Okay, thank you, thank you David thank you for being here with us I hope you found value in what David shared with us on his experience as being a remote employee Do you did you guys like this content? If you did just press the like button? Right here You

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