– Okay, so I wanna talk
about how to find a mentor because many people have been
asking that in the comments, I've also got it on my Instagram DMs. And I'm literally gonna give
you the step-by-step plan on how to find a high-quality mentor, but there's a little bit of a twist to it. I have to give you a little
bit of a hard time later on but it will all be worth it. Have you ever wondered
whether there's more to life than a boring, dead end nine to five job? Have you ever dreamed about breaking free, traveling the world, making good money, and just enjoying life? My name is Max Berger and I
have obtained that freedom. No more office dress code,
no morning commute, no boss. This channel is for you,
so here's to your freedom. So the first thing that you need to know is a mentor can literally be anybody that is where you want to be. It's not like there's
this magical mentor land and they're all like running around freely on the green grass and you
can just go and pick one.

No, no, no, a mentor is not a designated, I am a mentor certificated person, no it's literally anybody that already is where you want to be, okay? So if you wanna be extremely fit, the mentor can be the
gym dude that you see at the gym everyday
that has a great physic, the exact physic you want to have. A mentor could be the
person that already has the type of business
that you want to have, the type of money that you want to have, the type of partner that you want to have.

Any type of person that
has the knowledge, skills or ideal situation that you
want to get to can become your mentor if you do a couple of the following things right. (upbeat music) Biggest mistake people
make in life, in general, but especially in business, is
this whole I'll figure it out my myself mentality, dumbest idea ever! There's been people that have
already made those mistakes for you, and now you wanna
do those mistakes again? It's like you see someone
burning themself on an oven plate and then you're like let me
try myself, just to be sure.

No, they already burned themselves. Okay, that's the whole
idea about a mentor. The mentor is already where you want to be so they made the mistakes for you already so you don't have to do them anymore. So stupidest mentality ever,
I can figure out by myself. Always get a mentor. (upbeat music) Okay, so now you know who
your potential mentor, slash mentors could be. Step number two is you gotta
do a little bit of research.

You gotta A, figure out where they are, and B, figure out what they need. And by A, I don't mean
figure out where they live, and knock on their door. That's extremely creepy and
extremely weird, don't do that. It's actually happened to me before. Don't do that, don't knock
on your mentor's door. That's how you get a
restraining order, okay. Instead, what I mean by
figure out where they are, it's like figure out what
are the places they go to, figure out where they usually hang out to, when they're having a drink,
when they're partying, what are the clubs they visit? Where do they play tennis? Where do they like to have
their breakfast, right? And then kinda start getting
access to these places and hang out there.

Again, don't wait in front
of the door of the Starbucks where your favorite mentor
always gets his coffee going, oh my God, you're
here, I can't believe it, no, no, just start
frequenting these places. Figure out how you gain access to that and B, figure out what
your mentor slash mentors potentially could need. Now this can be a little bit tricky and again you have to do
some proper research here. Basically think about, okay, what is everybody tryin' to
get from that potential mentor? What is everybody tryin' to
give to that potential mentor? And how can I stand out of that crowd? I'll never forget that when
I was traveling the world as a dating coach, every
single guy I would meet would ask me for dating advice, right? Oh my god, hey, I have
this problem, can you help me out with this situation, la di da.

And you know, as amazing it
is when you get recognized and when people seek your advice, that's great, I'm super grateful for that. It's also at some point,
kind of gets tiring. You kind of get sick of it when the same kind of
stuff is asked to you. So I'll never forget, I guy
reached out to me via email and instead of just asking
me the regular questions, or maybe asking me if I could mentor him or mentor him for free,
god beware, he said, "You know what, Max? "I've heard that you're a
vegetarian and it must be "extremely difficult for you
to find good vegetarian options "on your traveling, so I
looked at your tour schedule "and I've researched the
best vegetarian spots "at every single place you're going to." And that was something very,
very out of the ordinary.

And this guy actually ended
up traveling together with me and I did mentor him for
free and then we became very, very good friends. Just because of that one
email that was different. That was seeking to
give me some real value. And I've release videos
similar to this before, on my dating channel and people are like, "Okay, that's right, give value." Some people would just like, copy paste some Wikipedia article like, "Hey Max, "I heard you're into crypto,
here's the crypto thing." And it's just a copy
paste Wikipedia article. No, like again, be thoughtful
and give some real value. So that is part two of
How To Get A Mentor. Figure out where they are, figure out how you can give value to them. I'm gonna go get some
food now and let's go. (upbeat electronic music) Now step three in How To Get A Mentor is actually reaching out to the mentor.

This can be done in person,
can be done in a meeting, can also be done via email
or DM or whatever it is. Now the thing is, usually
a mentor is very honored when you say, "Hey, can I learn from you." But, most mentors are not only honored, but they're also very, very
busy and or easily creeped out by the masses of people
who reach out to them asking to be mentored by them. So what you gotta do, what
you gotta bear in mind when you reach out to those
mentors is you gotta be quick and precise and you can
never, ever creep them out. Most of the time, when
somebody approaches a mentor, they start to embark on their journey and their whole life story, "Listen, I've been listening to you.

"here's my life situation,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." The mentor is just gonna
think, hey, I'm honored. Thank you so much, but I'm kind of busy. Can you get to the point? So again, you gotta be short and precise when you reach out to the mentor and you should never be creepy. You should always be coming
from a human standpoint of like, "Hey, love your stuff,
here's my situation." Two quick sentences, "I would like to help "you get this and that, "and maybe in turn, learn
something for free." Understand that and the next point here, when it comes to reaching
out to the mentor, is again, value giving. Find a way to give value to your mentor. That's where the whole
spiel of figuring out what your mentor could
potentially need comes in place. That's where the whole
spiel of understanding what does the mentor need,
what could he potentially, what could they potentially profit from? You gotta do proper research here.

At the very, very, very
least, what you can do, is you can be a connector,
which means if you know a lot people, maybe the
mentor needs a certain person in their life that they
don't have access to yet, or at the very, very, very
least, you could offer to work for free as a free intern. This is literally how I started my career. This is how many people who are working along side with me now
started their career. This is how many times it just starts because again, mentors are sick and tired of people who want to
take advantage of them. Mentors are sick and tired of people that want to leech value from them. If you say, "You know what,
I'm here, I'm working for free. "Tell me what to do and I'll do it." At the very least, you can do that. And I wanna say a little word about connecting people here as well. One of the best examples, one
of the most beautiful examples I could give you here was
actually, the camera guy of a guy who did an interview with me, and they did an interview
with me and it was all fine and literally, as they're
hopping into their taxi off to the airport, the camera guy says, "Hey Max, I've heard you
wanted to start a model agency.

"My friend actually does
have a model agency. "Can I connect you?" This guy connected me, the
model agent was extremely happy. I'm extremely happy and
now we're all best friends. I'm so grateful for that
guy that connected me. Again, that guy was not
maybe able to give me proper, real one on one value, but he knew (car horn honking) because
he did some, oh my god, because he did some research. He knew what I was looking for
and he had the right person and that person was looking
for some person like me and he connected us. So if you're generally a
networking, friendly person that is very social, the
role of the connector can be hugely beneficial when it comes to finding a high quality mentor. Which brings me to the
next point and that is, many mentors actually offer
paid mentorship programs.

It's really (laughing) that
simple and it's honestly, the simplest and best way to
do that because figuring out where the mentor is and what
kind of value they need to have and then networking with them, it is a little bit complicated. So my preferred way is to just say, here's a bunch of money, mentor me. And also, it kind of puts
a little bit of obligation on the mentor like, I'm
paying you actual money here, so pay some attention to me
to help me out with that. So I can highly recommend
you seek out mentors that offer paid mentorship
programs, it's that simple. Now I here what you're saying, "But I don't have money, I'm too broke." Well, sell your Xbox, sell your car.

Get a random job, some random job. Save the money from that
job until you have enough to start investing in mentorship programs. Many mentorship programs
even offer payment plans. So the thing is really
here, you've heard me saying that in the five rules of
money, invest in yourself. An Xbox is great, a nice car is great. A nice big television,
it's all great things, but at the end of the day,
what is the ROI of an Xbox? The ROI of an Xbox, the
return of investment is you have some fun
and some entertainment. What is the ROI of a mentorship program? Of something where you'll learn, where you're truly investing in yourself. That always comes back
10x, 100x, it's incredible. You can even see that
in one of my vlog videos where I'm literally buying
my mentor a $15,000 Rolex. I'm not just giving him
the money and say like, here's the money, here's the
15k Rolex, you're so great. No, it's because that mentor
has made me so much more money that I'm so happy to give him 15k Rolex.

So again, get on board
with mentorship programs. If you don't have the money,
sell stuff that you don't need. Save up the money all the
way until you get to a point where you can use it
to invest in yourself. That is by far, the best way
to get on board with a mentor. Okay, so long journey
today, but I thought I'd add a little bonus section here
towards the end of like, pitfalls to avoid when it
comes to finding a good mentor. And that is, number one, entitlement. Many people have a very, very
bad and wrong entitlement about who they deserve to
be mentored by et cetera. Many people adopt the
mindset of, you know, I think the mentor should
just really help me and I think people should
just really spoonfeed me the exact things I need to do.

Okay, I don't want to learn,
just tell me what to do. It's a very unhealthy mindset to come from because it doesn't put you in a position of where you're open to receive knowledge. Of where you're open to
receive things that might crash your reality a little bit and
you're not open to learning and executing if you're entitled. Entitlement is very, very, very toxic. Instead, practice humility. Practice being humble enough
to say, you know what? I don't know a lot, I may not
be able to offer a lot yet, but I hope I will learn
how to offer a lot.

And then the right mentor comes. That is a more healthy, more empowering mindset to come from. The next thing that you need
to be aware of at all costs is that good mentors have abundance. A good mentor has an abundance of people that wants to be mentored by them. So you need to adopt the
mindset of, I need to stand out from the crowd in order
to be able to be mentored by a high quality mentor. Mentors have an abundance of people that want to learn from them. So the very, very least, you
need to be extremely coachable. You need to be extremely open
for new input, outside input. You need to execute, you
need to be humble enough to take feedback and
not, this is really key, and not become apologetic or explaining yourself when you made a mistake.

A mentor will often give
you good feedback once. And then you can either
take it and be like, thank you, I'll execute. Or you can find an excuse
like, yeah I understand, but I couldn't do that
because de de de de de." The mentor will probably not care. So you need to be coachable, which is exactly what the next point is about. You need to be coachable,
you need to be open-minded. You need to be able to execute new things. You need to be able to
take feedback well enough. Many times your ego will be involved. And I know that better
than many other people. I have to force myself to be coachable. My business mentors, they
don't sugarcoat things. And I instantly fall
into this pit of like, oh, I need to explain myself. I need to tell 'em why I couldn't execute.

No, no, no, and I have to really
put mental effort in there to be coachable enough because only then, I get my money's worth and the mentor is also excited about
working together with me. And last but not least, good
advice is never for free. If there is a mentor who's
just open to teach anybody, entirely for free and devote
hours upon hours of his time to any random shmuck that
shows up and that mentor is neither busy, nor will
he care if you execute. If you find a mentor who
would do everything for free, it's probably not high quality advice. You gotta adopt the mindset
of being super duper happy to pay for really good
advice because only then, you're also going to
create enough leverage for you to actually execute that. I keep mentioning that, but if you look at my very first business,
the dating advice business, I would release hundreds
upon hundreds of hours of free knowledge on my YouTube. The amount of people that would execute from that free knowledge on the videos was so alarmingly low, it was almost sad.

And then when you put a
price tag on something, an actually high ticket
price tag on something, and you only give a fraction
of the content to people, these people would execute like crazy. Because it creates leverage like, I paid several thousand
dollars for this knowledge. Let me go execute that. It puts much more leverage on
you than a free YouTube video that you kind of half-assed
watch while your eating. So again, understand free
mentors are probably not going to be good mentors, you
gotta be willing to invest in yourself, adopt your own
investment mindset, okay? That being said, was a crazy journey.

We're gonna work on some jet lag now. And then tomorrow, I have a great seminar here in New York City. I'm very excited about that too. Thank you so much for watching. If you haven't done so yet,
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