hey john christina here and i 
traveled the world for years   running an internet business you know i was making 
millions of dollars at a certain point and just   living the dream and being able to experience 
all the beautiful nature all the beautiful people   the cuisine from morocco to brazil to 
australia new zealand all across europe   and it is amazing and it's a great goal to 
aspire to to make money while being able to   travel the world and experience this beautiful 
gift that has been given to us i call it heaven now the first thing to know is that you want to 
have an income stream that is more passive than   act let me give you an example now i do marketing 
for a living now if i would have made my income   stream and my business around consulting with 
people i would have to get on the phone and do   calls with presumably american clients and when 
i'm in a country on the other side of the world   time zones don't really line up so having an 
active income which requires my time consistently   didn't really make sense the other thing about 
traveling the world is you just sometimes don't   have good internet service or good phone service 
so you want a more passive income stream such as   an e-commerce business or an affiliate marketing 
business or something that doesn't require you   to trade time for money like consulting might or 
like a business which requires you to do customer   service now my income stream was affiliate 
marketing and for those who don't know what   that is basically i set up marketing campaigns for 
other companies and they pay me on a performance   basis not a retainer it doesn't require me 
to talk i just need to send other companies   customers and i get credit for the sales and 
my business has a lot of upfront work meaning   i go on the computer and i figure out good 
marketing campaigns to set up good ads where   to place the ads what the ads should say and once 
i've set it up so that it's profitable meaning   that i am paying let's say a dollar for ads every 
day i'm paying a hundred dollars for ads every day   and i'm making back 200 in my commissions then i'm 
profitable and once i've set that up i just let it   run and i let it ride and i do whatever i want now 
this was great because my marketing my advertising   campaigns i would just check in on them once a 
week and i'd see how much money they had brought   me in and this allowed me to be in really remote 
areas of the world some of my favorite spots were   jerry quakwara brazil experiencing the sunsets 
on the sand dune right out of town another one   of my favorite places asuwara in morocco another 
one of my favorite spots was also in morocco was   the markets the main market square in marrakech 
beautiful city i absolutely love that town another   one of my favorite spots was uh had tien beach 
in thailand beautiful spot and i remember just   swimming through the water one night when there 
was effervescent there was glowing plankton   every move i did through the water and with my 
friends as well we would see the water light up   and we were like shooting stars swimming through 
the waves cuba havana cuba is one of the most   beautiful cities in the world and you can do all 
of this and experience all the world has to offer   when you have passive income created for yourself 
it's absolutely amazing let's get on to the second   thing create a passive income for yourself now 
the second tip i'd give you for creating an   income while traveling abroad is video marketing 
it's a great tool and you should absolutely use it   selling really anything using video is just 
a great thing to do when you're traveling   because you'll sell any product better you'll have 
more interesting and exciting backgrounds than   other people coming out with content and people 
like to follow those who travel because instead of   you know i have a family now right i'm all boring 
i do my videos mostly in this chair right here   which is not as interesting as if every single 
week i was in a new location with a new background   you know maybe one week i'm in tarifa spain the 
next week i'm in versailles the next week i'm in   saint petersburg the next week i'm in denmark you 
know every week it keeps people more engaged so   again anyone who's making money and traveling 
is a person that others idolize because that is   freedom that shows demonstrates just with the 
background of the video itself that you are   removed from having to work every single day 
and trade your time for money and when you're   idolized like that you can make a lot of money 
especially selling programs such as mine which   is uh called the super affiliate system you 
can find links to it on clickbank and make 500   commissions from getting a sale now there are 
a lot of programs that teach others how to make   money online because the education system is 
failing society because it doesn't teach what   actually makes money today it teaches what made 
money 10 years ago now i remember i built up my   first audience just because i was making money and 
traveling i'd put up posts and i'd shoot videos   and i wasn't even selling anything at the time 
but i gained a huge following because people just   thought i did cool stuff and that's what i did i 
did cool stuff and i showed all of the cool stuff   i did to people on the internet i wasn't even 
trying to gain subscribers or followers people   just started following me because they thought my 
life was interesting or maybe somebody told them   about me i'm not sure how it happened exactly but 
it just happens over time when you're truly living   out your dream and you're living in your element 
i highly encourage it now the third point is that   this content that you're creating from videos 
let's say while you're traveling around the world   you can use that content and you can get instagram 
images you can put those photos on facebook you   can build audiences on multiple platforms from 
your travels again the more you share these ideal   experiences of being all around the world the more 
people will want to follow you and the more you'll   build an audience on all platforms once again 
it happened for me organically and people will   naturally ask you how are you making money they'll 
ask you are you some rich kid what are you doing   all this fancy cool stuff living a life of freedom 
living a life as a man or a woman in his element   or her element people will ask you that and that 
gives you an opportunity to also sell other stuff   through affiliate marketing you could recommend 
programs such as mine if i've influenced you in   some way to create your own online income stream 
or career or you could link to somebody else or   some other programs or resources such as click 
funnels that have helped you create an online   business or other teachers maybe such as graham 
stefan you know who taught you about finance or   saving and investing and passive income you can 
make lots of money just by showing people the   amazing stuff you're doing but it requires you to 
take the first step and be an interesting person   that others want to follow and you just rinse and 
repeat this process anywhere you go anywhere you   get interesting content to throw on instagram on 
youtube on facebook you throw it out there and let   people see the way that you are living your life 
in your element and you will naturally attract   people around you now in my life i've never fully 
listened to the rules that society says right the   society says you know not politely shake hands 
you know like get a girlfriend get a wife move   up the corporate ladder don't quit your job work 
hard it tells you all these things and it makes me   sick it's not living in your own true element you 
know i realized i was doing things just because   others wanted me to do them because the news 
or my family or social pressure was telling me   to move along a certain kind of corporate path 
and others have been attracted to me because   i bucked the rules i bucked the trend i just kind 
of did what i want you know i said well i'm gonna   travel the world and make a lot of money i did 
it i said okay i'm going to start a family young   i did it i said i'm gonna go skydiving or rock 
climbing or learn how to fly helicopters and i go   do it many people sit at home and watch videos 
of others flying helicopters whereas i actually   go learn how to fly helicopters for instance 
and being my true self and living what i call   the james bond version of my own life has created 
for me many opportunities and traveling i believe   really shows others that you are living the james 
bond version of your life others will be naturally   attracted around you successful people helpful 
people opportunities businesses all this stuff   will come when you are truly being yourself 
but when you start faking your life when you   start cutting corners when you start downplaying 
your own energy when you stop living at a hundred   percent maybe you're not living the james bond 
version of yourself you won't attract to yourself   the top grade people of when you're living a 
hundred percent so i would encourage you to live   100 and also if you'd like to join the community 
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down below to our discord community where you can   chat with other aspiring entrepreneurs or 
entrepreneurs that are going through the same   motions that you are in trying to create their 
own side hustle their own income stream from the   internet thanks for watching have a good day bye 
i followed all the directions did exactly what   you said and i had already gotten one sale and 
i could not be happier hi there my name is phil   carrick from northern ireland and i just want 
to give a big shout out to john christani what   john does is he walks you through a step-by-step 
process really from a to zed hey guys my name is   tamomi and i am a single mom in tucson arizona 
and i've been struggling to pay my bills and now   i have an internet business and i'm so excited 
i implemented what i learned in the program   a week ago and i've made several sales 
already within two days i got my first   sale it is so easy to understand and you get a 
lot of one-on-one attention if you need it the   community is great and i totally totally totally 
recommend it thank you thank you john christani

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