how to make a hundred dollars per day on youtube 
with adsense i'm gonna show you a very simple   mathematical equation that you can use and use 
as a blueprint to get yourself to a hundred   dollars per day from your youtube videos i'm gonna 
show you how to do it right now so stick around hey welcome to the video i'm owen video youtube 
monetization expert and i'm glad that you're here   because today i'm gonna show you the blueprint 
for how to make a hundred dollars per day   on youtube now a hundred dollars per day think 
about that for just a second that's huge a hundred   dollars per day is three thousand dollars a month 
so if you're a brand new youtuber it could very   well be that you know three thousand dollars a 
month means you don't ever have to go get a job   for those of you that are working jobs now 
three thousand dollars a month means that   you could maybe go part-time or work less 
and become more of a full-time youtuber   so this goal that i'm gonna show you here today 
is a big goal okay but it's something that's   totally achievable now if this goal overwhelms 
you remember i'm showing you math here so you   could break this down into fifty dollars a day or 
even twenty five dollars a day if if you wanted to   so don't get too overwhelmed in the program okay 
so how do you make a hundred dollars per day   on youtube well it all starts with your cpm okay 
and your cpm is your cost per mill which means   how much youtube pays you for 1 000 views of your 
video now it's important to understand as a side   note that these 1 000 views they don't count 
if the viewer skips the ad okay so the viewer   has to watch a certain amount of the ad and you 
get paid more money if they watch more of the ad   you also get paid more money if they buy the 
product or even click on the product that was   advertised in the advertising video okay so 
your cpm what youtube pays you per 1000 views   is gonna change for every single viewer that 
that comes to your channel and that's okay   you want to figure out your cpm is actually an 
average of of an individual video and also of   of your channel as a whole now if if you are into 
topics like this and you want to know more about   how to monetize your youtube channel then you're 
going to want to subscribe because we talk about   this every single week and i've got more videos 
coming up real soon now i was talking to my good   friend jeremy vest over at creator motivation and 
he's helped lots of channels make lots of money   with youtube adsense and what he told me is that 
a lot of his client channels are making anywhere   from four dollars cpm to twelve dollars cpm okay 
so that's a big sliding scale now for this example   we're gonna use the number eight dollars cpm okay 
so in other words for every 1 000 views that you   get on your videos you're making approximately 
eight dollars okay so in order to make eight   dollars a day you need to get a thousand views per 
day if you want to make a hundred dollars per day   then we've got to figure out how many views 
per day that you need to make that kind of   money here's how we figure that out we take the 
number one hundred dollars and we divide it by   eight dollars your cpm and that gives us 12.5 in 
other words we need 12.5 views 1 000 times or 12.5   units of 1 000 views in order to make a hundred 
dollars per day so the next thing we do is take   twelve point five and multiply it by one thousand 
views to give us the number twelve thousand   five hundred and this is the answer to our 
problem when you get twelve thousand five hundred   views per day at an average of eight dollars 
cpm you will make a hundred dollars per day   on youtube so now your goal is to get that 
many views per day it's as easy as that and   your whole content strategy everything you do on 
youtube if that's your goal to make 100 per day   that becomes what you're focused on you need 
to get 12 500 monetized views per day okay   so start making videos that are going to get 
you there i've also made a video on how to make   a hundred dollars per day with amazon affiliate 
marketing on youtube and you can click that video   as well thanks for tuning in i'm owen 
and i'll see you in the next video

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