Hey this is chris, with vidsociety.com and in this video i’m going to do a fiverr rocket review for you guys this is a brand new product that goes live today. It’S a really good training course on how to use fiverr to make a really decent income from it. Now i’ll put some links below this video and some more details about like the upsells and the pricing in the description box below this video, so make sure you go down there and check out that. But what i’m going to do in this video is kind of take you through and show you, the members area, show you exactly what you get when you purchased it. I will tell you that the guy who created this his name is max, and he does this. This is what he does for a living, and he makes a a ton of money up to 500 dollars per hour on fiverr and how he actually was able to pull in over 20 000 in a short amount of time by offering his services on fiverr. Now, personally, i’ve never really sold much of anything on fiverr. I tried it a few times. It was difficult, especially with the amount of competition on there, and so i went more on the opposite side of it and i just bought a lot of stuff from fiverr. I know there’s over, i think, like 3 million 3.4 million users on fiverr, so there are a ton of people looking to buy services and what this course is going to teach you is how to set up your service to sell it and how to actually rank Those services above your competitor, so people can find them and see them and buy from you instead of your competitors, and that’s what i really like about this course and it’s something that i didn’t understand when i tried to sell on fiverr now. This course is only going to be 12.95 during the launch, i’m not sure if that price is going to go up or not over time. Usually they do after the launch, but i can’t say for sure so here we are in the members area and you can see here they they use click funnels like a lot of marketers today, just because it’s so convenient it makes everything easy and neat and clean They’Re broke down into a lot of different categories here or topics. So first you have your intro, which is a welcome video which it seems like most. People have anymore with the option to subscribe, to his youtube channel to join the private facebook fiverr rocket group, which is really nice, because a lot of like-minded people can share information. And it just makes it even better. And when you include that in the price of 12.95 uh, that’s that’s a really good deal if you’re wanting to get into fiverr now down here you have the proof of the method, so this just kind of talks about how it works so he’s going to kind Of go over a summary of it and show you how it all works, then he’s going to go into more details about creating your account and becoming a seller and then finding gigs to sell on fiverr and which gigs should you sell. So this is a big thing, because lots of times you know you get on there and you see, there’s literally thousands of different gigs, that you could offer services for and what i done and what i do still today sometimes is. I will sell services uh and then outsource that service to somebody else to do really cheap and basically i’m the middle man and i take profits of whatever’s left over, which sometimes can be a lot and that’s what a lot of people does who sell on fiverr. Upwork or any of these other freelance websites, now after finding gigs, you have seven gigs that require zero skills, so these gigs here are massive. There are so many people that buys these types of gigs, it’s a great um. Any of these are really good to get into like logo, animation, background removal, thumbnails flyers, ads and mores, uh and morsia uh presentation, design, ebook covers and layouts arbitrage and seo report, and he goes over a lot of details about these products. For me personally, there’s a few websites that i use to make these myself really cheap. In fact, let me show you what they are right now, okay, so this is the first one, so you can go here and check it out. There is a subscription for it. It’S very cheap. I can’t remember what it is. I signed up for it a long time ago and i constantly use it because you can find everything from stock videos, video templates, music, sound effects, graphics, everything or anything you would want to create projects, for they are already done for you, you just download them and Edit them, with your own editor, make changes uh a great tool to use that i use all the time now. The next one is called free pick. This is one i also bought a angel subscription to which is also very cheap, and it is loaded with all different kinds of graphics that you can use vectors photos psds for photoshop. You can just download and edit. I use this all the time next and one of the most favorite ones that i use is cold place it and it’s also a service by envato which goes back here to this company. Here they are different subscriptions, but this one here you can create mockups of all different kinds of things create designs, logos. This is where i create all the logos for all the websites that i use for yt evolution and wp affiliate suite. This is where i create all this from. You can create videos on here and do different things for gaming for logos. All this stuff is pretty much done for you, and all you have to do is basically just edit a few things, save it download it, and this is a great way to offer these types of services to other people, and so i’ll put the links for all Of these below this video, so where you guys can check them out, here’s the other one here, which is also uh based on envato, which you can see from here and this one. So they all kind of tie in together, but they give you you can see here just but just in the banners and ads templates is over 12 100 banners and ads templates. So if you do graphic design, but they have all different kinds of things, they have photos: 3d files, video coding, web themes and templates pretty much anything you’d ever want and between these four sources. Here you could pretty much outsource almost any kind of a digital product and offer it as a service on fiverr. For me, if i was getting started and wanted to make some money fast, this is probably something that i would jump into um, but i’m kind of way beyond that point now with the kind of work that i do and what i’m involved with, and so i Really don’t have time to do all this kind of stuff myself, but for those of you who have a little bit of extra time, you want to work from home. This is an amazing opportunity for you to be able to learn this kind of stuff and then offer it on to fiverr. Now, if we move on to the next topic, it’s creating your gig he’s going to go over and he’s going to talk about modeling. Your top competitors how to set up your gig and then 14 page one ranking secret. So this is the big thing that i would have wanted to know. When years back, i tried to sell in fiverr, so he goes over all these different things that you can do to increase your chances of ranking and getting above your competitors and making sales over them and last is affiliate marketing. So this is a really good video and what he does here is he talks about how you can promote services from fiverr and make money from them once again, there’s over three million people using this service and more people joining every single day, hundreds, if not thousands And so here’s your chance, where he’s going to show you how to offer services from fiverr uh to other people on the web, whether it’s social media, your own websites, youtube videos or whatever, and how you can earn a lot of commissions doing that too. So for 12

95 guys, this is a really good deal if you want to start something up of your own now i want to talk about the upsells in this, so let me just drag over my microsoft word here and you can see here. The front end offers 12.95. The first oto is going to be based on advanced training for 37, and i believe each of these otos will also have a down sell to them. So if you don’t take this offer they’re going to offer you something a little bit cheaper and they might take away a little bit from that. So you’re not getting quite as much, but here you’re going to learn advanced strategies, that’s going to bring in more success sales and traffic to your fiverr, gigs and you’ll learn what things they have to avoid in order to be successful in fiber and, of course, a Lot of this stuff is also covered in the main training, but they just go more in depth in the advanced training and then the oto2 for 67 dollars is a done for you and what they do here is you’re going to get a custom seo. Optimized gig images seo optimized gig title and custom seo optimized gig descriptions, they’re kind of going to kind of set this up for you, based on what you want to do with your gig or what your gig is and then, if you really want to take this To the next level, you can do a one-on-one call with max himself, who has extensive experience in fiverr and you’re, going to be able to talk to him for 45 minutes. Ask any questions you want about fiverr and he’ll. Give you a bunch of additional tips and things you can do to take your fiverr business even further. So that’s what the fiverr rocket is all about guys. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you did please like this video subscribe to my channel, i like to put out different product reviews on different products that i find that are worth investing in, especially at a price of 12.95. Once again i’ll put the links below this video go down. There check them out, you might find something else you’re interested in as well, thanks guys,

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