Hey mark l word here, and i want to show you in this video a little bit about how i handle the video encoding and uploading process not being at all familiar with what any of that even means not an engineer, not a video guy, not a camera. Guy, oh well, of course, in the last few months I’ve picked up a few tricks and, as I was recording this latest video on off page SEO, I thought whether it’s probably people I want to see how to do this as easy as it is to do So let me go ahead. This tool here is what i use to encode. My videos, which basically means two idiots like me, makes them a little bit easier to play on the web a little bit smaller. A little bit. Smoother probably has an impact favorably on the sound and it’s free. It’S called handbrake here. You can see it’s basically handbrake dot, f, r, f as in frank r, as in richard – and this is the downloads page. So, as you can see, it runs on mac or windows and a couple of other platforms. Linux as well. So go download that if you don’t have it it’s pretty quick download and then let’s go see how to encode a video and don’t worry it’s real easy. So once you’ve downloaded handbrake and you open it up, this is the interface that you see right here. You know again, I want to reiterate, I don’t know the first thing about video encoding or technology with respective video production, but watching a few different people over the last couple of months. This tool is really cool. It’S free again, you get it at handbrake, dot, F, R, as in France, it’s real easy to download. All you have to do basically is right up here at the source button, just click the source and it’ll. Ask you to find it wherever the video is that you want to encode. The believe mind was here and there it is here, so you double click that and you select that and the video pops up in the Browse window. So all you really need to do to get there get your video setup to be. I guess easiest to use smallest size, highest quality combination. If you will for like youtube videos, is you don’t have to pay attention to almost any of this stuff? Basically, in the video bar, you want to click web optimized, and that might be the most important thing you do. If you do nothing else for screen capture, you want to go to the average bitrate and you want to bring that down to 600. I’Ve been told that for live video when you, you yourself, are on the camera, seven or eight hundred is better, but for screen. Capture 600 is the way to go and then click to pass encoding. And then you just click on the audio switch and you go to bit rate and make the 160 drop that down to 128 and forget about the subtitles go to advanced in the encoding section and reference frames. You want to change the 224 and then I don’t believe there’s anything to be done in the chapters. So that’s it and all you do is go up and you click start and begins the process, as you can see down here, of the actual encoding. So I’ll put this thing on hold well, this does it’s magic and come back in a second okay, so here we are one of my youtube channels and I would let it go said earlier now that we’ve been coded the video i wanted to show you a Couple things about uploading, the video, so once you have once you’re on youtube on your channel, this is my online small business coach channel and just click upload video unless you’re going to record from your web camera and then go to wherever the video is there’s. My off page SEO video and then that’s the entire contents. I labeled mining coated, so I could distinguish between the one I originally recorded and the actual fully encoded one and I’ll just dump this one later. So double click that and the process will begin while this thing’s uploading. What I like to do is a lot of people. Don’T do this, I didn’t do it for a while. This is my name for the video on my desktop, but you want to pick up. Certainly a better title, all this stuff in here title description, tags so on and so forth. You want that to be optimized, it’s an opportunity to get attention to your video based on what you call it, how you describe it and how you tag it. So don’t jump over this a lot of people do this after it downloads, but while we’re here, let me pause the video and I’ll show you what I’ve done after I enter all the stuff in here, because I can’t type very fast either. So, hang on a second, as you can see, your file has been uploaded without processing the video this is sometimes really quick. Sometimes it takes some time depends on how many people are in line uploading videos. Basically how many are in queue. You can see the processing time down here, but the important thing is the thing that most people don’t do, whether you’re an internet, marketing or just trying to create videos to sell anything at all or get your word out. Everybody puts videos up on youtube. So more people will see them. I would assume otherwise why not just keep it to yourself if you want to increase the likelihood of people being able to get to these use these things down here these boxes, these text boxes to optimize the video I’ve changed. The title to website search engine optimization because that’s a long tail keyword that I’d like to rank this video for and then right here that actually put my website. The online small biz coach, calm with the HTTP colon forward, slash forward slash because that will make that a clickable link when the video publishes and then there’s a couple of keywords in here. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time. Doing that I usually do a better job and then down here in quotations. I’Ve separated variety of different tags probably will keep them all, because there’s a limit on how many tags that you can use, but just doing that is going to make people be able to see your video a little bit more likely to see it. Then it if you don’t do that categorize it typically. What I do is either education or how to it helps people that are looking for a particular type of category of video usually make mine public. I think that’s by default and I usually go Creative Commons, because if it’s not a product that I’m selling, if I just want to help people out and attract attention to my genius, if you will, then why not let other people take it and reuse it. As long as they attribute credit back to me and then I’ll come back and later and save the changes, but I would not recommend that you grab the URL or this embed code just quite yet and I’ll show you why in just a second this is the Same channel just a different tab and, as you can see, the online small biz coach, but this is the first part of search engine, optimization video, which is the on-page SEO in order to share this or to use it on my website. I’M going to post this video to my blog, because YouTube gives me credit for people watching the video the YouTube video on my blog, and I want traffic on my blog. Instead of my video channel, you click Share and it pops up the URL. So you can share that link with people on Facebook and Twitter and such and whomever you know, send an email to friends or whatever, when you click this embed button here. This is the code that it gives you and these four options down here. This is normally ticked. I got to be careful because if you untok this, it doesn’t always save that when you come back later for additional videos, but what that does. Is you may know that at the end of youtube videos, they throw up all these pictures of related videos, most of which are not yours, especially if you’re new to this? But if you untok this and someone comes to watch your video, so you change the code when I ticket a nun ticket this code when you embed that into your blog into a blog post, so people will see this video. Those related videos don’t show up at the end, and what that does is when people are on your blog. You don’t want them at the end of the video to immediately click on somebody else’s video and send them back to YouTube. You might want them to buy something you might want them to enter their email address or something so just uncheck that box and those related videos won’t show up when you use this code here, that’s it. I just wanted to give you guys a couple. Little tips on how to encode a video to make it a little bit easier to use and then how to upload it onto YouTube and we’ll see in the next video thanks.

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