like what you said a few minutes ago about that the one of the things you do you notice or the end that you recoil against is the idea that that many entrepreneurs say I need a mentor I need an advisor I need a coach I need you to tell me what to do right rather than getting dirty with it so my question is what role in your businesses do advisors plate and do you turn to people and when do you do it who you think you are smarter than you I always try to hire people that are smarter than me and that compliment my skills skill-set like I'm a I'm a ready fire aim guy and I always try to partner with people that are very anal and perfectionistic kind of balance me out or have a skill set that I don't have but once I'm going I mean I would go to events and like this and listen and learn and go to conferences and when I get the opportunity I'll ask questions but I can't ever say ever what I said I'm going to call this guy and just see what he thinks with this woman and just ask that's just not my style I mean because it's some point I'm going to have to be responsible for whatever that knowledge is and and also I have the benefit of being in the technology business and it's it's a benefit because there's always something new coming and I've always had the attitude that whatever it is so if it's virtual reality if it's the Oculus Rift it's nude everybody except the people who invented it and so I'm at first base like everybody else and then it's just a question of effort of learning it as well as everybody else so other than going to the originator of the idea concept product service whatever I'm tied with everybody else in and having the opportunity to learn it so I'll just put in the time to learn it so from a tech perspective and that that's always serve you well because once you understand these different products you understand how they fit together and it also helps you make decisions and understand what will work and what won't work I'm in your car the definition of a self-made man but were there people in your life who you considered mentors no really I want got to work I got a job out of college the company called Tronix 2000 who wanted to franchise the computer the television repair industry did have a long future but it was a job I just would tell me the best advice I ever got because I'm always go go go go even back then it was like marking what you do one thing for me when we sit in the meeting I want you to take your pad of paper and your pan and up in the right-hand corner just write down the word listen and to this day that's what I'll do I'll write down the word listen to remind me just to shut the hell up and see what they have to say but that's as close as I've come cuz he can't I just to me by figuring it out that creates a platform for me to go forward if you haven't had mentors or people who leaned on or or or who advised you you must have people in technology or in the NBA or various pieces admire who are they jobs I've always looked up to him I just reached out to Warren Buffett coming to CNBC got me the amount because I don't want to you know Miss having it a chance to meet and spend time with him so I admire him I mire every entrepreneur who who's done it on their own I love being in situations like this love me or talking to people on Shark Tank for that reason you're admirer Jerry Buss the guy who ran the Lakers who done for you recently passed away I just I'm not a big you know that's just not me I'm more like how you think you're good to see what you got you know you think you're smart Okay I'm going to start a company just let's just see right up your competition let me let's see how we do right to me and I said in my book business is the ultimate sport you can p 24 by 7 by 365 and people are always like why you just chill I love to compete you know I love to know that you know all these Millennials out your good watch this you know I was playing basketball yesterday against guys have my age right I don't give a shit right it's just like you got to go and it's just that's why I love business because it's just it's effort and ability you know and you can work on the ability side and you can work on the effort side and accomplish anything look I'm able to do it if y'all can definitely do it

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