Tips for Working From Home | Productivity + Motivation hey friends whether you are an
entrepreneur or a writer like me and trying to optimize your work from
home life or you have suddenly found yourself working your out of house job
now at home with the craziness of the world and you're trying to figure out
ways to motivate yourself to stay on task and to organize your day I've got
you covered I've been working from home for nearly
two years now and although I wouldn't call myself an expert and I think
there's lots of different ways that you can work from home effectively hopefully
you guys can take these tips try them out and see which one's work best for
you so in this video I'll be sharing my top tips and tools I use to work more
effectively from home including how I come up with my goals how I manage my
time stay motivated minimize distractions and if you stay till the
end I'll also give you a look into what two days in my actual work from home
life looks like and if you find that you want to learn even more I actually put
together a whole work from home a playlist that I've linked in the
description of this video where I go into some of these tips in even more
depth first I want to give you one sort of overall tip and that is to treat your
work from home life like an out of the house job and this can include things
like actually get dressed in the morning have a designated space to go to work
and only do work and sort of clock in and out of that time using a schedule
now a bunch of you are probably listening to that and being like that's
sort of why I got away from I out of the house job so I could wake up in my PJs
and just do work on the couch and not care about when I started that or when I
did laundry or when I did all of those things together and I'll just be honest
and say yes when I first started working from home and even every now and again I
do just wake up in my PJs and spend all day in them and don't do my makeup and
sometimes I do work on the couch but what I wanted to stress is that I am
most productive and I get the most done and I am really able to separate my
personal and like rest life from my business life when I one have that
designated space so I'm actually going to link in that playlist a vlog type
video where I gave a tour of one of the Rendon
of what my home office looks like and I just really set that up to just be a
workspace in a space I loved to go into and that just really helps me and my
creativity and my focus stay in the right place and I can literally go into
that space do my work and then go into the rest of my house for rest and family
time otherwise if I'm up blending sort of doing work on the couch a whole lot
and not really having that separation I tend to overwork or I tend to get
distracted and not make the best use of my time now if you're not like me and
you don't have a whole nother room that you can dedicate to adjust your work you
can definitely just take a part of a room or set up a desk in a certain space
or even just a space if you have to on your dining room table that can be your
workspace especially if this is more of a temporary thing whatever it is though
make sure it is a space just for your work so you can get there and it really
helps you focus this is also a space where I try very hard to limit
distractions I also have moved to shutting off pretty much all of the
notifications on my phone so that when I go to my phone it is because I want to
not because notifications are pulling me out of my productivity and it's also
really good to just have some communication with people in your
household so that they know that when you go to that space that it is for work
and that if they need you and it's emergency great come on in but otherwise
I am working from this time to this time and I need some peace and quiet so I can
focus the other thing I really want to do more but I do definitely less
frequently is actually put on my face and wear real clothes because it's a
whole mindset thing where if I'm in my pajamas and I'm just not feeling my best
my productivity level definitely goes down and schedule which I'm going to
talk about in a lot of depth in just a minute but that's the other thing too
where I'm not setting like a time of I'm going to start working here and then I'm
going to end here I'm definitely a person that can overwork but I know that
some people too if they don't set a schedule they can under work or they can
feel like they're not working enough but before we get too far into schedules and
things like that I think the first thing you really need to sit down and do once
you have at that dedicated space to get clear on your goals in your
priorities because you can't really organize your time and manage that
effectively if you don't know what those are now if you're more in a position
where you have an employer and you're working from home
they're already hopefully giving you those goals and priorities but if you
are an entrepreneur or you're trying to organize your writer life like I am then
what I found really helpful was to figure out three main goals and
priorities for my entire year and then I have like an eight step strategy that I
then figured out how I was going to make actionable steps on those goals
quarterly monthly weekly and then daily if you want to learn more about this
process and how actually gave all of those steps to my patrons on patreon
calm and we worked through all of that together I will link that video in the
playlist that I talked about and you can check that out later once you have your
goals and priorities and again this is whether you are setting them yourself or
someone else is for you you still have to organize
your time and sort of give yourself a schedule so you can actually take each
piece of what you really need to do and put time quantities to them because if
you say hey I'm gonna get this done and you don't set a time block for when
you're going to try to get that done then it could take so much longer than
you intend for it to take so what I really love doing is actually taking
Google Calendar and using the different color coding categories to separate into
my different goals and priorities and then set different time blocks for a
regenerative schedule that sort of goes on repeat every single week now this
might be something that totally overwhelms you and I do have a whole
video in that playlist where I sort of break down how you can do this for
yourself the other thing though that I do talk about in that video is not just
setting up a schedule that you think will work but actually spending some
time tracking your hours so not just time blocking but time tracking so even
if you have a schedule or you're just trying to figure out I would definitely
say to use Google Calendar to then as you're doing something so I'm filming a
video right now I will put in maybe this is going to take me an hour or two to
film this video in my Google Calendar and then if it takes longer or shorter
when I done I will adjust that so then I can
then see how long it actually took me and the next time I go to record a video
I can then consider the information that I found when I was time tracking maybe
over the course of a couple weeks and then adjust my normal schedule
going forward so I can be more effective with my time that was sort of a lot that
I just said so again you should definitely check out that full tutorial
in the playlist if you want to learn more
but seriously time blocking and time tracking has been such a game changer
for me and my business speaking of productivity tools like
Google Calendar you should definitely have at least one tool where you are
tracking your goals and your time and that's helping you stay focus for me I
actually use three different tools my Google Calendar my bullet journal and my
Trello Kanban board I'm not going to take time in this video to share the
entire process of how I use all those things because you guessed it I already
talked about it in another video which I'll link in that playlist but basically
I took the time to really spell out how I use each of these tools so that you
guys could see the benefits and the uses of each one and then choose which one
you wanted to try or which combination you wanted to try and see which one
worked best for you one tool that I did not talk about in any of those videos
though is a brand new tool app thing that I have been introduced to by my
friends called habiddig ax and basically it is an app that sort of meshes to-do
lists and rewarding yourself with that by turning it into a kind of video game
RPG thing so you should definitely check it out if you're into video games RPGs
in it you have an avatar and that avatar it can get weapons and equipment and
pets and you can even team up with your friends and do challenges and even
battle virtual beasts and you do all this by getting your to-do list done
it's really fun because I already have all these other tools for more of my
business stuff I actually use a bit of gut for more personal habits that I want
to develop like remembering to get up and walk around and do laundry and stuff
like that but I also know people who love to use it for their business stuff
too so if just making a to-do list and checking things off it doesn't do it for
you and you need a little bit more of a fun incentive I would
we check out haveta my next tip is to actually do working from home with other
people sort of like you have co-workers and again you might have this if you are
working for somebody else already but if you don't I would HIGHLY encourage you
to find some accountability buddies some people who are doing similar things to
you that you can network with that you can sort of check in with on a daily or
weekly basis and share your goals and sort of have that accountability with
other people because I've been doing that a lot in the last couple years and
it is so motivating and so helpful a couple ways that I've been doing this is
with critique partners or with my mastermind groups and if you don't know
what a mastermind group is it is awesome and so helpful and I've linked a video
down below with a whole Q&A where me and my mastermind group answered all of your
questions but basically it is a group of people again who are in the same boat as
you going for the same goal and we're either meeting on a weekly basis to
share those goals and check in and encourage each other and give each other
ideas or you can even do daily productivity sprints with them you can
also do these by yourself where you just set a timer for thirty minutes or 40
minutes and be really focused on a certain task and then when that timer
goes off you stop and you take a break but I really love doing this again with
accountability partners because then you get to check in with each other and sort
of reinvigorate and motivate each other and then do it again some of my
mastermind friends and my critique partner friends do this through Marco
Polo or through Instagram or through text message and we don't do it all day
every day but those days that we are really wanting to get stuff done and
we're already in communication we'll just say hey do you guys want to sprint
for a few hours and do check-ins and we'll do that and it is so helpful I
also run these kinds of productivity sprints with my patrons over on patreon
comm so especially if you're a writer looking to network with other writers
and have that accountability on a daily basis you can definitely check out my
patreon which I'll link right here and join us for those productivity sprints
and all the other resources we have on there ready to see all these tips in
action well that first video in the work-from-home playlist is actually a
two day vlog where I logged two days of my work from home
life one focused more on business one focus more on writing and I also show a
little bit of my morning routine also if you are a writer and you're not
currently able to work as many hours for your normal job you've even lost your
job during this crazy time in our world right now you might be looking for new
ways to make some extra income during this time if that's the case I'm also
including in this playlist my video where I share three side hustle ideas
for writers there are many ways to make a supplemental income online right now
but if you're like me and you're a writer and you would like to have some
way of making –side money that actually relates to your writing and would
eventually support your writing and future books and writing journey in this
video I shared the 3 side hustles that I personally use to make a psychic income
while I'm writing my books if you want to see that video or any of the other
full tutorials I've referenced today definitely check out that playlist in
the description next and if you have any more questions always feel free to leave
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