Does the sheer volume of messages in your inbox overwhelm you or inhibit your productivity? If your answer is yes to both, you are not alone. Most virtual assistants and virtual experts lose hours daily to their email inbox in this video I’ll share with you how to boost your productivity with an email management plan. Hi, I’m Kathy Googler, your business coaching trainer exclusively for virtual experts.

I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you achieve their dreams of working from home as well as paid virtual experts on this YouTube channel. I will show you how to create a virtual expert career and gain freedom flexibility in financial security. You desire and deserve being a virtual assistant or virtual expert. Most of your business communication is done through email. Therefore, you can expect to spend a significant amount of time managing email according to research conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute. They sound important, don’t thank the. The average worker spends an estimated 28 % of the workweek, managing email so based on a 40-hour workweek.

That means over 11 hours are spent on email management. That’S over one-fourth of a full-time DA’s work hours and those are primarily non-billable hours. Yikes is all that time needed truly needed to manage your email, or is it time spent distracting you from other tasks and hindering your productivity? Email used as a distraction can easily destroy your productivity. So let’s talk about how to get that on your control. I have some tips for you to boost your productivity without letting email be a distraction, designate time designate specific times, or during the day to chat, respond, and prioritize.

Your email limits yourself to checking email twice or three times a day. For example, you can check out before you begin your workday, then again at noon and, finally, before you stop for the day or you could begin your day with a productive mindset instead of getting bogged down by your inbox start by accomplishing the most important tasks or Tasks on your to-do list and then after doing that schedule in 20 to 30 minutes to your emails.

Whatever time you decide to check your email be sure to set a time’ and step to the 20 or 30 minutes you’ve allotted for email, if you don’t get through your inbox within that scheduled time, move on to another task, you need to accomplish and address the Remaining emails during the next time you have scheduled for email management as a virtual assistant and virtual expert, it’s imperative that you limit your distractions while completing client tasks, since you can only charge clients for the time you spend working on their tasks.

It’s important that you avoid the temptation to check your email while in the middle of client tasks, I highly recommend shutting your email down because it is on your screen, you’ll check it create folders. As a virtual expert, you have emails from multiple clients to manage to help organize your inbox, create individual folders for each of your clients to house important emails. You may need to reference later. If you have more than one project going for a client consider making a subfolder for that project for future reference, additionally make a to-do folder to store emails that you can’t immediately resolve but need to address in the future.

Creating folders will save you the time you spend searching your inbox for that specific email from a client. The folders ensure that you can quickly and efficiently find the correspondence when you need it. Take immediate action if you touch an email more than once before deciding what action to take. You are wasting valuable time. So, as you go through your inbox. Take immediate action on each email immediately delete emails that are unnecessary and that you don’t need to read respond to client emails.

It is best to respond to client emails within 24 hours at the minimum, immediately respond to the client to acknowledge the receipt of the email. If you can’t address the email in full immediately, add it to your to-do list, but still, go ahead and respond to that client. Let you know you: let them know you got it as you go through your inbox, be sure to add any task for requests from clients to your to-do list and store those unresolved emails in your to-do email folder. By doing so, you can ensure you don’t overlook it.

Those tasks and ensure they’re stored in a folder where they can easily be found for future reference. Having a plan to take immediate action allows you to make quick decisions. You know exactly what to do to effectively manage your emails. You avoid wasting time dealing with correspondence or additional tasks. You didn’t schedule in your day. Overall, you end up being a much more productive unsubscribe.

Are there messages that you never read, or you think you’re gonna read and you never get around to it? There’s so unsubscribe from those lists once you’ve done this, you will minimize the time you spend sifting through unnecessary unimportant emails, unsubscribe from any list that you delete right away without opening.

By doing so, you’ll cut the time you spend dealing with undesired emails once you learn more tips on how to earn more. In your virtual expert business watch, my free webinar by clicking the link below also I’d love it. If you would subscribe to my youtube channel. So you never miss one of my new videos and then do me a favor and click like on this video and comment below. How do you manage your email productively?

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