Good morning, Sally Henderson, Change Mentor, hope you are enjoying the glorious weather and I want you to share
something quite exciting in today's walk and talk because I am literally walking
the walk and I'll share why. So I'm obviously a massive fan of investing
in yourself, investing in your team and getting help, getting a mentor, somebody
to work with you as a high-performing senior leader who can guide you and
accelerate you through times of critical change because that's what I do for my
clients all the time and it is the best job in the world – it's incredible, I love it – but here's the irony: I was doing that for my clients
and thinking do you know what I would love some of that for myself, I want to
grow more I want to accelerate my own development accelerate my ambition and
get inspiration and get new learning but really annoyingly, I cannot give to
myself what I give to my clients because just like you, I have blind spots, insecurities, fears and I want to learn so that takes
something new and different and I also want to be challenged, I want to have that
partner to be sparring with and a really safe and development way, I'm not looking to hire a best friend but I am looking to get somebody to get me
where I want to go quicker and better because they bring something to the
party that I don't currently have – and so I've done it! I've gone and got myself a
mentor; it took me quite a while because it was very important that I found
someone I felt was right and I really believe the investment which is not
insignificant would really be a great return on investment and having taken
that action it's really really exciting because I'm not sitting thinking about
doing it I've actually done it and I'm really excited to see the results I'm
now going to get as a result of the investment but also
even though I'm investing at a significant level in a time of real
uncertainty, I feel calmer, I feel more relaxed because
I know I've taken a bold and brave decision and I know (here comes the road) and I know that this company, this mentor that I'm working with is going to make a
big difference.

So what can you do that's going to accelerate your growth that's
going to bring excitement into your world as a high-performing senior leader
but equally that's going to help you feel more relaxed because you've taken
decisive action about yourself because if you've seen my recent walk and talks
you'll know that the most important thing is that you matter and you have to
put your oxygen mask on first so I hope the fact that I'm walking the walk, doing
what I ask my clients to do, investing in myself, will inspire you to do the same
and if I can help in any way, you know where I am guys.

Take care, have a good
one. Bye bye..

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