hello and welcome back previously we discovered the steps to take to kickstart your journey of self-discovery in this chapter we focus on understanding your personality type in order to discover who you are personality development is a powerful tool to take you to greater heights you never have possibly imagined it will also help you improve on many aspects of your life which includes your social and emotional health as well as your financial well-being from the previous chapter you’ve already been guided through the steps to understand who you are better as a person as well as giving you an idea of the type of personality you possess before you get on to personality development you need to first identify your personality what type of personality are you what are the strong and weak points in your personality traits what are you doing to improve on your weaker traits what initiatives are you taking to enhance your strengths when these questions are honestly answered you can move on to the next step which is the actual personality development the first thing you need to do for your personality development is to spend enough time with yourself this will help you be in touch with yourself and you’re able to learn more about who you are personality types are classified into four different temperaments the introverted and the extroverted the one who thinks and the one who feels the one who uses judgment to conclude and the one who uses keenness and finally the one who prefers using senses and the one who uses discernment these different temperaments usually determine how one will react to various situations and the choices one will make these are personality traits that one inherits from parents and relatives no wonder you find some of your traits and your likes and dislikes similar to those of your parents or relatives there are some personality traits that we pick up along the way as we grow and live our lives as we grow older we pick up habits values and beliefs that are depending our upbringing however the traits we pick up as a child tend to make a lasting impression on us as compared to the ones we encounter as adults when you’ve identified your personality type you get better understanding of yourself you’re able to maximize your potential and use it to your advantage for instance if you’re an introvert you can channel your talents in ways that suit your personality best you’ll also have clarity in your communication with others you’ll learn to compliment the other party for instance you may be the one who thinks before they act and is very keen as opposed to your friend who uses spontaneity and quick judgment you’ll manage conflicts better and improve your existing relationships this creates harmonious relationships you’re now ready to forge the way forward clearly state the development you want to see within yourself you need to be realistic and a strict at the same time don’t be too hard on yourself either as being unrealistic will cause you disappointment also keep in mind not to be too soft on yourself either as this will slow down your personality development journey remember to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you’ve ever committed in life trying to do personality development with a grudge and a bitter attitude towards yourself will be useless and will get little to no results as your mind and attitude are hindered by the past view all your past failures as a stepping stone to your future success personality development also demands flexibility you can’t be rigid and expect personality development to work for you be open to whatever requirements personality development has be flexible and realistic towards your goals as well because you might need to make some adjustments along the way you need to be honest with yourself on your personality type observe the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type do your best to focus and build on your strengths for instance if you are talkative and confident use this to your advantage and let this trait boost your career and ambition you also need to identify your weaknesses in a very honest and open way work on your weaknesses by making conscious efforts for instance if you struggle with pessimistic thoughts all the time then find a way to focus on positive things tune your entire being to personality development and the journey will be a smooth sailing from there make it even easier by illustrating what you want to achieve picturing or illustrating what you want to achieve helps to keep your progress on track it’s advisable for you to make a daily checklist and set your goals in milestones this way you will obtain your goal in a consistent and realistic manner at the end of the day everyone has different personality traits that make them unique no person’s the same as the other these traits are what set individuals apart the environment in which we grow up in and the people we mingle with shapes who we are when undergoing personality assessment as well as development being honest with yourself is important it’s necessary because it’ll help you to identify your true weak and strong points alike so you’re able to use them to your advantage when you’re in tune with who you are mentally physically and emotionally your journey to self-discovery becomes an easy journey there’s a new way to lose weight and you don’t have to spend any money to find out about it just tell us where to send this potentially life-changing information

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