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What it takes to be a successful online student Hear directly from Community College students on what YOU need to do to be successful in an online course Time management. Time management is probably the biggest thing because when you’re not actually going into class and are forced to attend class – and you know exactly when your tests are going to be because you’re there every day you forget about it, So keeping a calendar whether it’s on the Wall or planner and knowing when your assignments are due and what’s due and then being able to you, give yourself the time accordingly, so you can get all the assignments done. First time I took an online class, I actually did in the library

I needed to do it in an environment where it’s not too relaxing and comfortable on a more engaging where there are other students around to motivate me and to make sure that I am diligent with my coursework Check your email constantly a week before sometimes a semester Before just because there are instructors that will get a hold of you first semester prior just to give you a heads up on the literature that you might need or some other services And then once you start, the class constantly check your email because there’s always stuff. That’s been offered from extra credit To stay on top of the assignments, Do not fall behind and definitely keep in contact with your instructor. They are your best resource More time to do it, but you forget sometimes, But when you’re online, that it’s online and you have to get it done, There’s not a teacher there to be like “. Oh, do you have your homework ?” My advice for online students. …, Well, what I can say is: don’t wait for the last minute to turn in all your work.

It requires more responsibility coming from the students, so schedule and discipline. So if you’re just feeling a little bit lost with the material, send him an email, It’s right there and it’s so easy to do, Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. You’re not going to want to actually do the work since no one’s telling you to do it, so you have to tell yourself And if you can actually make a time that you set for yourself to do that work every single week. It’S gonna help a lot, It’s very important to have basic computer skills because your assignments will be online. You will be doing things like discussion boards. Turning in assignments online, You will be using maybe possibly things like Turn-It-In-dot-Com. We turn in papers through a website so having a basic knowledge of how to work. A computer is always a good thing…