I found this shortcut. I found the missing link. This is what I was looking for. What I felt was there. I felt I fell deeply inside it made silenced me. I felt this. Is it without thinking later I began to know. Yes, the the coal brings you in a deeper connection with the deeper parts of the brain, which is the adrenaline, the reptilian mode, the primitive bring the reactionary brain which is not thinking, but only feeling. This is what I was looking for, something beyond religion. We beyond concepts of philosophy, or, if you do this, this happens, ok ions of disciplines, but never this depth. In my brain connected with a depth of my body, I’ve always been looking for what what? What is life about? What is the real sense of that, and, and you cannot find it in their books, you are you, got ta open up and begin to read to be conscious of what you have inside. That’S my convenient conviction. We are made to be happy strong and healthy. We got it into the sense that we are able everybody to tap into the autonomic nervous system. In two days I found this short. I found the missing link the key to the depth of our physiology. The way nature has mended to me, and that brings about the ability to tap into the deepest layers switches, endocrine systems, mewn systems, and what is endocrine systems all that it makes you happy or those are hormones, happy hormones. All that makes you powerful. Those are adrenaline hormones and what is health is just tapping in all the layers of the immune system and we got it and now it’s in the books in the third year in the American University books. It’S all there, this chapter, the Iceman and the cream systems immune systems. A man is not able to endure 30 years of mockery if he hasn’t got this belief. You know I see this chair. This is here. You cannot make me say it’s not here what I felt was there you, nobody could say: hey you, don’t what you do is craziness. No. I felt a whole lot better than ever before. If it would be colder here, you would breathe deeper naturally and that activates all the veins we got. We got hundred twenty-five thousand kilometers, which is about 80 thousand miles of capillaries arteries, veins and all channels of blood and blood transports. Oxygen oxygen is being needed to make the right pH levels in in the body. Sometimes you got to go back to the way the nature has meant us to me. You say anyone can do these breathing techniques in three other responses and get back to themselves. Yes, sir, we are able to make iPhones right now. An iPhone iPhone 6, for example, has more intelligence than the whole Apollo 13 project. That’S the fruit of our mind. Okay, we are there. We got all the technology, we cannot have control over our happiness, strengthen health. It’S time we take this intelligence and go with it. There is a way to tap into your endocrine systems, amuses or your physiology that enabled Hubei buddy connection to get a hold of your happiness, strength out, [, Music ], you

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